You can set daily, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, 3-monthly, 6-monthly or yearly limit on each card.

Cards are being un-blocked not later than 1 working day after payment of due invoices.

We are going to send you the requested cards not later than 7 working days after signing the contract.

In order to block a card, you need to call our hotline (0800 20 220) or your personal card manager. After verifying your identity, the blocking is immediately applied.

Yes, within the total monthly limit of your company. In order to do it, you need to contact your personal card manager and speficy the card number and the needed limit.

Contact your personal card manager and you will be sent a new password.

We can send you 1 invoice per month for the full monthly consumption, or 2 invoices on bi-weekly basis, as per your preferences.

Every legal entity or sole proprietorship with registration in Bulgaria or other country.

Yes, you can fuel at our own or our franchise partners’ gas-stations without any problems. Also, when fueling at a LUKOIL franchise gas-station, you are receiving the discount defined in the contract for corporate cards.

No, there is no limitation. We are going to issue as manu cards as you need in order to flawlessly and effectively manage your fleet.

After signing the contract and receiving the card request from you, we are going to send you the physical cards with their respective PIN-codes on address that you have chosen. This way you can start using the cards immediately after you receive them.

Please immediately call our hotline (0800 20 220) or your personal card manager and explain the issue. After verifying your identity (based on card number and/or car registration plate number and/or name of card holder) we will help you finalize the transaction via issuing a protocol on the spot at the gas-station.

Our LUKOIL corporate cards give you the advantage to use delayed payment up to 45 days (from the 1st date of the month, for which the invoice is issued). Moreover, by becoming our corporate customer, you get reliable and timely service provided by your personal card manager. You can contact him or her on any question regarding administration, as well as in the case of issues like: lost of stolen card, insufficient limit, request for specific fuel report for a certain date, etc. Last but not least, as our corporate customer, you gain access to discount, which is linked to your monthly fuel consumption amount.